One-on-One Personal Training

If you’re not seeing results with your current routine it’s because you’re doing something wrong. You have to keep your body guessing, fuel your body with the right type of nutrition and follow a plan designed to get the results you desire.

If this is what you’re looking for, the Titan has got you covered. I am now accepting committed individuals to sign up! YOU MUST BE COMMITTED!

I will not work with you if you’re going to half ass it, my time is too valuable. To join my online training you must make at least a 3 month commitment to get the body you’ve always wanted. I will ONLY work with dedicated people. NO EXCEPTIONS!  

No excuses. No refunds. Only results!


What do you get with Online Training?

  • A custom training plan
  • A custom nutrition plan
  • Both plans are tailored to you specifically

In order to achieve your dream body, you must stick with The Titan One-on-Ome Personal Training for at least 12 weeks (3 month).


What are you waiting for, get off your ass!


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