The Titan Meal Plan

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what you get with your Mike O’Hearn Nutrition Plan:

  • Personalized Meal Plan (updated monthly)
  • ​Customized to your allergies & food dislikes
  • Complete Shopping list
  • Exclusive Members Only App
  • ​​​24/7 Email Support
  • ​Optional Vegan
  • ​Optional Keto
  • ​Optional Vegetarian
  • ​Optional Pescatarian
  • ​& More

* Titan Crew Check-in Members must also have an active subscription to one of my FitPlan programs as well as the Mike O’Hearn Meal Plan.


Get REAL results and get the body you DESERVE

There are thousands of online programs out there promising “quick-fixes” with crash diets and supplements. Sure you might lose weight fast but it’s not healthy or sustainable. You could end up gaining all the weight back and even MORE than you started with!
The Titan plan is different.
As a member of Titan, you’ll get REAL RESULTS and create lifelong change with a realistic, sustainable plan.
Our meal plans are ONLY for people who are ready to change their life and achieve GREATNESS.
If you’re ready to step up and take control of your diet – the time is NOW.
Are you ready?


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